'Transformers 4' Pretty Much Inevitable

October 17, 2011


On July 1, 2011, the fate of Earth and, indeed, the fate of the [Dark of] the Moon was thrown into question when Shia LaBeouf revealed he would no longer be assisting the Transformers with any of their popular transforming. Speaking at the Moscow International Film Festival, LaBeouf told reporters:

"I'm done. I'm sure they will make more of them. It's still a very hot franchise. I love making them (the movies). I love the crew. I love Michael (Bay). I love the cast. I love Sam ... but I don't have anything new to contribute and I don't think there's anywhere to take Sam really."

Well, he was half wrong--come on, Shia, we all know you have more ways of screaming "Optimus!" you've been holding back--but he was also right in that, yes, of course they'll make more Transformers movies. And today such a plan was confirmed, with Hasbro reportedly now in "active discussions" with Paramount, producer Steven Spielberg, and director Michael Bay to return to make metal shards spin around and clang in another Transformer film. You had to figure this was coming, considering the last film made a billion dollars (this is not hyperbole), but still, you have to wonder how long we, as humans, can continue staring into this film's violently-spinning blender visuals before our minds finally purée. That should be fun to find out.

Hasbro would also like you to know that, despite Universal deciding movies based on Clue and Ouija were no longer good ideas, those films will still get made one way or another, as will a J.J. Abrams-produced Micronauts movie--though CEO Brian Goldner reportedly added that "Hasbro won't produce its own films." Of course not. Don't want to shit where you eat. And this sure does sound like shit.

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