Milla Jovovich SHAMEs "SUMMIT" for Lack of 'Three Musketeers' Promotion

October 21, 2011


Sure, you may be aware that Three Musketeers is opening this weekend, but did you know that Three Musketeers is a "fun family film" and a "grt family adventure"? Milla Jovovich fears you do not, and she pins the blame squarely on Summit Entertainment. Questioning if the company is "resting on their laurels from 'twilight' n making no effort," Jovovich took to Twitter to ask that we make Summit the ignoble pariah of the film distribution world, saying, among other things:

I think "summit" hve swept "3 Musketeers", a grt family adventure film, under the rug in the US. Shame on them. SHAME ON YOU "SUMMIT".

Summit has not posted an official responds to their public shaming, though it's perhaps worth noting that three of their last four tweets have been promoting The Three Musketeers. As if a reminder to watch Orlando Bloom on NBC's Today can wash away the scarlet letter of Milla Jovovich's capitalized shaming.


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