Jason Statham May Provide Next 'Fast/Furious' More Muscle and Visible Scalp

October 4, 2011


In news that could dangerously offset the Fast/Furious franchise's already unbalanced hair-to-muscle ratio, TwitchFilm is reporting that Jason Statham may be in talks to join the coming chapters of the Vin Diesel Drives Cars series. The site's sources also claim Universal is looking at shooting Fast Six and Fast Seven back-to-back in Europe, so, considering that setting's requirement of someone with some sort of European accent, and also that Statham can only continue to exist in high testosterone environments like Fasts/Furiouses, the casting would make some sense. But at the same time, does this mean Statham hasn't already been playing a car for the last few entries? I'd just assumed he and Clive Owen were doing it uncredited.

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