'Party Down' Movie Could Shoot Next Summer, But Don't Get in Line or Anything

September 13, 2011


It's safest to remain skeptical that a Party Down movie is ever going to happen, but hey, if you're looking for some deadpanned, everyman-style false hope on the subject, Adam Scott has delivered just that. While speaking about the comedy Friends with Kids at the Toronto International Film Festival, Scott got a taste of what it must be like to be an Arrested Development cast member when talk of his new film was inevitably sidetracked in favor of "hey, when are you going to make that movie about your prematurely-cancelled cult sitcom?" talk. His reply:

"We're like 90% there, we're hoping to do it maybe next summer, if everyone's schedules work out and the guys get time to write a script. They have kind of a skeleton of a story worked out so we know where it's going to go but we just have to kind of cross the t's and dot the i's, or something. But Starz are being super cool and they're going to let us do it, and we're all excited, we all want to do it."

If this isn't going anywhere, I really wish they'd stop all this gentle, playful blowing on our collective wiener. It's cruel to get us so excited if it's all just going to end in a scornful chuckle and our elasticated waistbands slapping down with a painful snap.

Adam Scott Says 'Party Down' Movie Will Shoot Next Summer, If Schedules Can Be Worked Out [The Playlist]

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