Lion King's Extended Life Circle Continues

September 26, 2011


Your weekend box office:

1. The Lion King - $22.1 million. You can try to come up with new, creative ideas all you want, but be it winning at the box office for weeks straight or pacifying a petulant toddler, your best bet is always going to be just throwing on a copy of The Lion King and taking a nap.

2. Moneyball - $20.6 million--a reasonable opening for a film about Brad Pitt managing a baseball team. Finally, the door is open for my movie about George Clooney playing fantasy football.

3. Dolphin Tale - $20.3 million. Wow, if this many people want to see a dolphin that's lost its tail, imagine how many would want to see it if we seriously fucked that dolphin up.

4. Abduction - $11.2 million. Regarding the weak opening for his first lead role, star Taylor Lautner appeared flabbergasted.

5. Killer Elite - $9.5 million. Combining our two strongest forms of tough British guys with pistols ending up somehow negating both. It will probably be years before we figure out why that didn't work.

Weekend Box Office Results [Box Office Mojo]

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