'Justice' Trailer: Nicolas Cage Caught in a Web of Vigilante Crime and Celebrating Mardi Gras, Apparently

September 22, 2011


Just last month, Joel Schumacher's Trespass revealed its bounty of C-grade Nicolas Cage-protects-his-family action, but already another contender has emerged to quite possibly swipe away that film's Best of Breed title: Justice. While no more boring or convoluted than its Schumacher counterpart, the Roger Donaldson-directed Justice (also known as Seeking Justice and The Hungry Rabbit Jumps) is admirable in the effort it puts forth just to spin around a few times and settle down into mediocrity. I mean, Nicolas Cage shares the screen with January Jones in this. That's the acting equivalent of putting on a kettle of water and mixing it with ice cubes just to get a nice lukewarm drink. Guy Pearce--who, for reasons not entirely clear, is dressed up as Justin Timberlake in In Time--co-stars, playing a man who runs some kind of vigilante pyramid scheme, because that's as logical an impetus as any to get Nicolas Cage to run around freaking out. Also: as you could probably tell from the above production photo, Cage puts on a funny mask and looks silly. Truly history's most just moment.

Those in the UK can see this in theaters, believe it or not, starting November 16. As for the rest of us, keep praying the inevitable frenzy surrounding this trailer reaches a distributor.

Trailer & Pics For 'Justice' Starring Nicolas Cage & January Jones [The Playlist]

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