'Hangover, Part II' Causing More Legal Problems

September 30, 2011


Already, The Hangover, Part II has gotten into trouble with the MPAA for depicting simulated monkey fellatio and with a tattoo artist, for stealing Mike Tyson's idiotic face tattoo. Now, the hapless film has found more trouble in Utah, where the film's sexual content has hit a Salt Lake City theater with a $1,627 fine for "attire and conduct" violations. While it's just dandy to show whatever smut you want on screens, the issue here came with Brewvies Cinema Pub's policy of also serving alcohol while the monkey sucked off the water bottle, as local laws dictate that filmed lascivious acts and adult beverages may not be provided in unison, as that combination will inevitably lead to public masturbation, or so a judge must have decreed at some point. It seems like a pretty bygone law, but hey, this comes from a place that was still showing The Hangover, Part II in theaters, so maybe Utah just needs another few months or so to catch up to the rest of the country's free, modern times, when simulated monkey beejes and alcohol can freely marry in a public setting. For their sake, I hope so.


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