Full 'New Year's Eve' Trailer: What Hath 'Love, Actually' Wrought?

September 28, 2011


"It only happens once a year: New Year's Eve," says Josh Duhamel, forever redefining just how fucking obnoxiously redundant a truism can be.

"It's a time when hopeless can be romantic," he continues--apparently referring to how charming New York's irredeemably destitute population looks come end-of-year, when many are freezing to death on the streets--and it's a time when "a resolution can become a revelation," as everyone who swore they'd cut back on drinking this year finally, simultaneously reaches the sad conclusion that they're probably just alcoholics. And it's a magical night when once-respected Oscar winners Halle Berry and Hilary Swank, and a man widely considered the greatest actor of an entire generation, gather alongside sitcom stars Lea Michele and Ashton Kutcher, and Bon Jovi, and together, as one year crosses over to the next, they agree, "Happy New Year: let's all be Katherine Heigl for a couple hours." (Also, Katherine Heigl is still Katherine Heigl, obviously.)

But no reason to take Josh Duhamel and I's word for it. See it all for yourself in this new trailer for our latest romantic-comedy pile-up, New Year's Eve.

Alyssa Milano, too? And not even credited as high as Til Schweiger? This cast is the least homogeneous estrogen pool ever. But at least the rest of our sitcom stars were given their rightful place in the trapped-in-an-elevator scenario. They'll know how to carry this bottle episode!

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