DISH Network Announces Exciting New Way To Continue Unending Loyalty to Blockbuster Video

September 23, 2011


With Netflix/Qwikster busy reworking break-up letters into awkward apologies to its customers, DISH Network and their ill-fated partner, Blockbuster, have decided now would be a good time to announce their rival service, Blockbuster Movie Pass, a movie package that stands to make the most of Netflix's now-tarnished image by touting the sterling reputation of Blockbuster Video. Such a thing has been foreseen since DISH roused Blockbuster from a merciful death, but today a press release revealed details of the service, which will start at $10 a month and--at least at some price points--offer physical discs, streaming, and video games. Unfortunately, there are currently only about 4,000 films available to stream, and even more unfortunately, you have to subscribe to DISH Network if you want this service, and you going to do that? I'm sure not about to do that. Besides, after that pathetic, remorseful letter from Netflix CEO Reed Hastings, we have to at least give him a few more months or we're going to look like jerks.

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