'Bucky Larson' and 'Creature' Aren't Doing So Hot, and More...

September 12, 2011


- It was another relatively mundane weekend at late summer/early fall box office--unless you're looking for public shaming, that is. In that case, you should note that Bucky Larson: Born To Be a Star has the rare distinction of a 0% Rotten Tomatoes rating, and Creature's 1,500-screen release ended up with only $217 averaged per screen.

- Martha Marcy May Marlene producer Chris Maybach will direct The Low Road, a film about a young drifter's encounter with two old locals on the verge of losing their farm. Offers are already out to Nick Nolte and Tom Waits, making this potentially the most haggard Secondhand Lions reinterpretation imaginable.

- Now that Fast Five Justin Lin has decided he'd rather continue his examination of the relationship between fastness and fury than do a Highlander remake, Summit Entertainment have reportedly decided on The Crow remake director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo as their second choice. THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE does not apply to directing The Highlander. Whoever is fine.

- Kelly Reilly is in talks to play the female lead in Flight, the Robert Zemeckis-directed thriller set to star Denzel Washington as a pilot who performs a heroic landing but eventually is found out for taking drugs and alcohol before the flight. At last, a Sully Sullenberger for the anti-teetotaler.

- The Last Exorcism director Danniel Stamm will direct an English-language remake of the Thai cult hit 13: Game of Death, a film described as "a macabre satire of media culture that follows a financially strapped salesman who receives an anonymous phone call informing him he's on a hidden camera game show, and that if he complete 13 tasks, he will receive a multi-million cash prize." So yeah, we can probably get that turned into a hollow Gerard Butler thriller without too much trouble.

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