McConaughey Turns 'Magic Mike' Into Most Powerfully Shirtless Movie Ever

August 17, 2011


Like an Avengers of gratuitously shirtless dudes--in case Thor and Captain America weren't already gratuitously shirtless enough for you--Steven Soderbergh's Magic Mike will unite some of our greatest shirtlesses into one epic tale bound with sinew and unnecessarily-exposed pectorals. Last we heard about the film, it was set to star still-rising shirtless Channing Tatum and shirtless newcomer Alex Pettyfer (who you may recall seeing deformed and covered in metal bits yet still without shirt in Beastly) as a pair of male strippers, with Tatum playing a mentor to the younger shirtless. Now, it seems, a third likely-unclad torso has entered the mix, with the addition of elder shirtless trailblazer Matthew McConaughey to the cast. Variety reports McConaughey will play a character named Dallas, a former stripper who now owns and operates the club that employs Tatum and Pettyfer--transforming this personal shirtless tale into a multi-generational story of shirtless mentorship and smooth-chested ascension to power. This shall be our shirtless Godfather.

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