Even a Johnny Depp Action-Adventure Tentpole Can't Get Funding These Days

August 15, 2011


The stock market is crazy, unemployment is high, the U.S.'s credit rating has dropped, and you can read more things to worry about at CNN.com, yet is there any greater indication of our current state of economic turmoil than when Disney won't even pay for a broad, Johnny Depp-starring, Jerry Bruckheimer-produced blockbuster? No, there isn't, so start worrying, because according to Variety, Disney's plans for a Depp-starring big screen adaptation of The Lone Ranger are going to be cancelled unless some big changes are made. Though Jerry Bruckheimer, Gore Verbinski, and Depp's collaboration on the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise grossed the studio literally billions of dollars, the Walt Disney Company is apparently a bit nervous about Lone Ranger's $200 million budget, and will only move forward with the project once costs are cut considerably. And the real shame is, you know that when a Western's budget gets slashed, it always hits the horse department hardest. These horses are going to be such fucking bullshit now.

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