Don't Worry, Blu-Ray 'Phantom Menace' Made Sure To Computer Generate Yoda

August 24, 2011


The Star Wars saga at last comes to Blu-ray on September 12th, but as is so often the case when Star Wars journeys to a new format, there have been puppet casualties on the way. This time, it seems, we've lost one of our latex Yodas--the one in The Phantom Menace--replaced by a CGI version that will more closely resemble the hollow lifelessness of the rest of the post-Return of the Jedi Star Wars universe. Sorry, everyone who worked on that puppet, but your arduous labor no longer matches George Lucas's ever-evolving Original Vision--soon to be in 3-D, as it was now always intended.

See a before/after Yoda comparison over at /Film.

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