'Trespass' Poster: What Is Nicolas Cage Communicating?

July 29, 2011


Quick quiz: can you name any of the last three feature films Joel Schumacher has made? Answers portion: the last three films the Batman & Robin director made were Twelve, Blood Creek, and the one where Jim Carrey hates numbers. Not that I expected anyone to remember those. I only bring them up to note that you should also plan to not remember Joel Schulmacher's Trespass, as, despite it's A-list leads, the film will only be in theaters two weeks before hitting home video on November 1, as is noted in oh-so-small print on this poster for the film.

Anyway, while the film will likely be terrible, this Nic Cage performance already looks top notch. Would you look at that face? So much Acting there. But what does it say to you? Have a better look under the cut.


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