Thor Will Be a Race Car Driver

July 12, 2011


Like Will Ferrell before him, now that Chris Hemsworth has made a reputation for himself partially based around frequently appearing shirtless, the Thor actor too is ready to play a race car driver with a fierce rivalry against a competing nation's famous racer. Hemsworth will star as real-life British Formula One driver James Hunt in Rush, a Peter Morgan-written film that will reportedly be the next directing project for Ron Howard, thus killing our chances of seeing a Spy Vs. Spy movie happening any time soon.

Not to be confused with the 1991's Rush, this Rush will not have Jason Patric nor original music by Eric Clapton, instead choosing to focus on James Hunt's relationship with Austrian racer Niki Lauda--the two were once roommates and later became fierce rivals on the track. While Hunt's fame eventually led him to a lavish, arrogant life of excess, Lauda found it bit harder to live such a playboy lifestyle after a near-fatal 1976 accident left him with crippling scars over his entire head. So what I'm saying is, don't be surprised if this film's success means a sequel involving Lauda as a supervillain or Sith lord.

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