Sorry, Netflicking Will Soon Cost You More

July 12, 2011


That sawbuck Netflix has been gently slipping out of your pocketbook unnoticed every month will soon be unsubstantial to cover your bill if you're one of the millions who subscribes to the company's one DVD-at-a-time and streaming plan. Netflix today has announced they are splitting their mail-out and online services up into two individual services, which sounds like a fair enough system until you get to the part where each service is priced at $7.99 per month, thus creating an increased monthly of $15.98 bill for those of us who desperately need both streaming movies and DVDs to satisfy our need for constant entertainment of varying quality. New members will be given the new plans effective immediately, while current Netflix customers will be able to keep their current, cheaper rates until September 1, giving us another month-and-a-half to stew and think about canceling in protest before we go ahead and let them have the sixteen bucks so we can finish off this stupid season of Kitchen Nightmares.

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