'Nurse 3D' Poster Bloody, Nipple-Inclusive

July 14, 2011


Lionsgate today announced that Boardwalk Empire's Paz de la Huerta will star in Nurse 3D, a film about a nurse named Abby Russell, whose daytime altruism hides a secret life of violently punishing dishonest men. Normally, no one would really bother picking up on this B-movie, 3D cash-in story, except with this announcement came a teaser poster featuring de la Heurta "in character as Abby," and it turns out Abby's defining character trait is being completely naked, save for heels, a photoshopped nurse hat, and some fake blood. So you can see why it's getting some attention.

Here's the full, uncensored thing (NOT FOR WORKJOBS):


The film's flimsy plot comes from the mind of Lionsgate's Chief Marketing Officer, Tim Palen--or, rather, from a previous hobby of his, in which he "explored the intersection of caretaking and punishment in an ongoing series of fine art photographs of beautiful, fantastical nurses used by the studio." Lionsgate stock holders, it may be time to give Tim a call about using company funds to share his fetishes.

If you'd like to see more of Paz de La Huerta's nipples, look for Nurse 3D sometime next year. Or just do an image search for "paz de la huerta naked." That's also extremely effective.


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