Noam Murro Will Direct '300' Spin-Off, If No One Else Will

July 18, 2011


Director Noam Murro has won the best kind of victory: the kind where you didn't have to really try, because the other guy dropped out of the competition. With Jaume Collet-Sara no longer interested in directing 300: Battle of Artemisia, instead focusing his attention on what's promised to be a very affordable adaptation of Akira, the directing job has been handed to the only other guy in the running for it, Noam Murro. For Murro, whose only feature film to date has been the Dennis Quaid indie dramedy Smart People, this continues to support his role as heir to some of Hollywood's most dubious sequels; he's supposedly also working on a fifth Die Hard film, which promises even cooler cars crashing into even cooler helicopters than ever before. At this point, if his name isn't tossed around as a candidate to direct the next Scary Movie, it will just be insulting.

Warner Bros. Chooses Noam Murro to Direct '300' Spin-Off [THR]

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