Jonah Hill and Mark Wahlberg Are the 'Lethal Weapon' Team of a New Generation

July 8, 2011


Jonah Hill may have gotten himself down to a trim, respectable weight, but old habits die hard, and apparently he's still at his most comfortable when his body is shamefully juxtaposed against more admirable physiques. Hill is currently working with former stripper Channing Tatum on a big screen adaptation of 21 Jump Street, and now comes word he'll be doing another action-oriented buddy comedy--this time with Mark Wahlberg. According to sources speaking to the LA Times, the actors will soon be playing partnered bumbling mercenaries in The Good Time Gang. In the script--from John Landis's son, Max--shit gets real for the two screw-off hired guns when they take on a serious job against a terrorist, only to later find out the suspect is related to one of them. AWKWARD THANKSGIVING! Those close to the project have reportedly called it "a new spin on Lethal Weapon," despite neither of the leads being black nor too old for this shit. Isn't this more Other Guys 2: Amber Alert?

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