Joe Pesci Suing 'Gotti' Producers Over $3 million and 30 Pounds

July 28, 2011


No one gets away with telling Joe Pesci to get huge and then not paying him for it. Furious that he put on 30 pounds to play a role that's been taken from him, Pesci is suing Fiore Films for his $3 million fee, him claim being they owe him for using his name in promoting Gotti: In the Shadow of My Father (formerly Gotti: Three Generation) and for inspiring him to create 30 more pounds of Pesci. The actor reportedly agreed to play Gotti enforcer Angelo Ruggiero (thus necessitating the added bulk) back in April but apparently, as he admits in his lawsuit, never actually signed anything, leading to this dispute. Fiore CEO Marc Fiore has offered Pesci the smaller role of Anthony "Gaspipe" Casso and a $1 million paycheck, but Pesci's mind already spent that $3 million, and his body already ate all those Whoppers, and he remains firm on his original price. Lindsay Lohan, meanwhile, remains the film's cooperative cast member not involved in any legal proceedings, somehow.

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