'Jack and Jill' Trailer: Ruin Your Weekend with Two Sandlers

July 8, 2011


Fitting that Jack and Jill focuses on the unwanted presence of kin, considering the trailer leaves you with the same dirty feelings of being violated by a familiar presence one probably gets if a naked relative climbs into your bed. As with every one of These Fucking Movies, we've got the usual combination of normalish, well-to-do family; disproportionately attractive actress resorting to playing Wife; the slightly-more-than-a-cameo role from an aging actor who should know better; some funny friends; a little arbitrary sports for good measure; and, of course, the zany, high concept premise to build it all around. This time, for the high concept bit they've turned to split-screen technology, giving us both Sandler Normal Family Man and Sandler Wacky Sister, and that's just as bad as it sounds. Honestly, forget everything negative I've ever said about talking animal movies, because if this is the alternative, let's just go back to that. This makes me want to kill myself.

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