Weekend Box Office: Pixar Wins Even with a Poorly-Reviewed 'Cars' Sequel

June 27, 2011


Your weekend top five:

1. Cars 2 - $68 million. The American auto industry could seemingly learn a lot from Pixar. How about slapping some eyes on the windshield, GM?

2. Bad Teacher - $31 million, with Cameron Diaz's sexy car wash ultimately unable to compete against the sound of Larry Cable Guy's voice.

3. Green Lantern - $18.4 million--a severe, 65% drop that for some reason is not at all going to affect the creation of Green Lantern 2. It turns out we want that!

4. Super 8 - $12.1 million, already putting the film ahead of Cloverfield and Battle: Los Angeles's final grosses, and placing it on track to surpass District 9 as well--all of which is important information if you are in the business of figuring out why some sci-fi movies are able to thrive without either light sabers or Will Smith.

5. Mr. Popper's Penguins - $10.3 million, dropping 44% and confusing executives who thought for sure that "Jim Carrey + penguins" would be a license to print money.

Weekend Box Office Results [Box Office Mojo]

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