PHEW: 'Hangover, Part II' Tattoo Lawsuit Settled

June 21, 2011


Fear not, home video consumers: when The Hangover, Part II comes to DVD and Blu-ray in its Unrated Wild Monkey Edition, the tattoo on Ed Helms' face will remain true to Mike Tyson's original. A lawsuit from S. Victor Whitmill, the Missouri tattoo artist who designed and owns the rights to Tyson's terrible face ink, had Warner Bros. threatening to go in and digitally alter the design rather than pay this guy for his stupid tattoo; now, in an undisclosed settlement, everything has been worked out, and the tattoo will remain for eternity, as tattoos so often unfortunately do.

Let's take from this case a valuable lesson: imitating any decision ever made by Mike Tyson will inevitably end in legal proceedings. Just don't do it, OK?

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