Men in Blacks Sure Cost a Lot! And More...

June 23, 2011


- If you're interested in making a Men in Black sequel, that's cool and all, but just to warn you, it's probably going to cost you about $215 million even after tax rebates, as that's reportedly what Men in Black III is running up to after paying for Will Smith's huge-ass trailers and all that. No wonder that dude isn't going to be our Django.

- And speaking of Django, word is Jamie Foxx's Ray co-star Kerry Washington is up for the role of Django's enslaved wife, Broomhilda. The parts of Hägar and Dagwood are still up in the air.

- Emma Stone could be returning to the realm of the walking dead and reinterpreting classic literature: she's been offered the lead in Craig Gillespie's Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, which is a zany movie concept because zombies aren't normally in that story.

- Tom Wilkinson is in talks to take an unnamed but "prominent" role in Disney's The Lone Ranger as "a railroad tycoon." Sid Meier?

- Despite there already being at least six Frankenstein films in development (sorry for misreporting only five last month), Fox has hired Max Landis to write another Frankenstein movie for them. Aspiring screenwriters: write a Gill-man movie now and thank me later.

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