When You Get Down To It, 'Candy Land' Basically Just Confectionary Tolkien, and More

May 24, 2011


- After eight films, everyone in the Harry Potter is fucking filthy as shit.

- RT Features has signed Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright David Auburn to adapt Peter Ackroyd's The Casebook of Victor Frankenstein for screens, marking at least the fifth Frankenstein project in development. I guess I was wrong that Frankenhood would be the final word on that tale.

- The writers currently adapting Candy Land into a feature film told Entertainment Weekly they "envision it as Lord of The Rings, but set in a world of candy," which is a statement that is only acceptable if they were super high, and playing Candy Land.

- Production on The Hobbit continued down its maligned path with two injured in an industrial explosion at Peter Jackson's Stone Street Studios. Thankfully, the injured parties were taken to the hospital mostly as a "precaution," and production on the film can continue on its rampage.

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