'Salvation Boulevard' Trailer: Sometimes Religious Leaders Are Murderers

May 24, 2011


If the 2005 comedy The Matador left you super horny for more murderous Pierce Brosnan on Greg Kinnear action, 2011 is going to be a great year for your sensation center, with TWO films re-teaming Brosnan and Kinnear in the next four months. In September comes I Don't Know How She Does It--which also again pairs Brosnan with his momentary Mars Attack! love affair, Sarah Jessica Parker--but first, in July, we're getting Salvation Boulevard, a dark comedy that sees Brosnan as a Christian leader who murders his atheist counterpart (Ed Harris) and tries to blame it on one of his devoted followers, played by Kinnear. What a timely cautionary tale of blindly following religious figureheads! (Except Kirk Cameron, obviously; he's fine to trust.)

Also a cautionary tale about not getting a Grateful Dead boob tattoo. Those ruin boobs, ladies!

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