Larry David Playing Mannish, Nazi-esque Nun, and More

May 2, 2011


- The rumor that Larry David was in talks to join The Three Stooges has ended up being a reality, and he's closing a deal to cross-dress and play a nun named Mother Mengele. I suppose that makes at least as much sense as the rest of the casting.

- Guy Pearce has been confirmed for a role in Ridley Scott's sort-of-prequel to Alien, Prometheus. Still unconfirmed: aliens.

- Armie Hammer will star in 2:22, playing an air traffic controller unraveling the mystery behind a strange, blinding light that almost made him crash a couple planes into each other at 2:22. Probably just an asshole with a laser pointer, dude.

- Thor's Chris Hemsworth is reportedly the frontrunner to take over the Snow White and the Huntsman lead that was vacated by Viggo Mortensen and turned down by Hugh Jackman. You might want to take a real close look at if there might be a reason no one wants to take this girl to prom, Chris.

- Bryan Cranston is attached to play the mayor of Los Angeles in Adam Shankman's Rock of Ages adaptation, which is probably a step down from being leader of Euromerica?

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