'I Hate You Dad' Adds That One Dope from '90210'

May 4, 2011


Set for November, Adam Sandler's next film is a comedy called Jack and Jill, which stars Sandler as both an average man and his outlandish twin sister from the Bronx. After what must have been an exhausting about of time in the wig chair, a lot of hammy comic actors might take a breather--let rest their weary head upon the shoulder of Rob Schneider--but not a one-man business like Sandler. He's already setting up another chore for us called I Hate You Dad, and he's putting together a supporting cast that may just surpass Jack and Jill's appearances from Regis Philbin and Shaq.

As if giving Vanilla Ice a role wasn't enough of a sad callback to a long-forgotten career gone bad, now, Variety reports, original Beverly Hills, 90210 star Ian Ziering, too, will play a part in arbitrarily reminding I Hate You Dad audiences of exactly the year 1990. Ziering will be playing himself, and also playing Sandler's character in an in-film TV movie, because, see, Sandler's character was apparently seduced by a teacher at a young age--thus making his story TV movie-worthy, and making sense of earlier confusion about how or why Andy Samberg, who's less than a dozen years Sandler's junior, would play his son in this mess. Why no one will bother to put any punctuation at all in the title is still up in the air.

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