Hugh Jackman Possibly Visiting Human Innards

May 3, 2011


Remember what a good job Hugh Jackman did shouting at boxing robots in the trailer for Shawn Levy's ridiculous Real Steel? Hey, so does Shawn Levy--so much so that he'd like Jackman to take part in a little more laughable science-fiction with him. The director reportedly has Jackman first on his list to star in Fantastic Voyage, his 3-D, James Cameron-produced remake of the 1966 shrinking-down-and-going-in-the-human-body film of the same name. Discussions are still in very early stages, but considering that Jackman doesn't really have anything to do right no--thanks to Wolverine delays--there's a decent chance this could work out. Also helping those changes: the fact H.J. already made a moving about boxing robots for the guy. Once you've done that, you've drawn a pretty distant line in terms of what you will and won't do.

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