Cameron Diaz One of 10+ Leads in Romantic Comedy

May 6, 2011


Following the "pile on the couples" rom-com mindset popularized by the likes of Love Actually and Valentine's Day, Lionsgate's plan for adapting the bestselling book What To Expect When You're Expecting is to assault audiences with five different expecting couples (begrudgingly cut down from seven), in the hopes that maybe one of the couplings seems intriguing enough that your boring girlfriend will make you take her to see it. We'll still have to remain anxious with anticipation over who most of said couplings will involve, but we're reportedly very close to having about one-tenth of the lead cast. Deadline claims Cameron Diaz will be the first to join this bloated romantic-comedy, which fits in perfectly with the nightmarishly appropriate cast I foretold last year. Just need Drew Barrymore, Josh Duhamel, that woman with the high pitched-voice from Will & Grace, Alan Alda, Uma Thurman, Amanda Seyfried, Will Arnett, a black couple of which only one will be at all a notable name (LL Cool J?), Luke Wilson, Katherine Heigl, Vince Vaughn, someone from Sex and the City, Bradley Cooper (obviously), Cameron Diaz, Gerard Butler, Jennifer Aniston, Patrick Dempsey, Jennifer Garner, Hugh Grant/Colin Firth (either/both), and a dog couple for comic relief, give or take, and we should be all set.

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