Brendan Fraser Will Be in So Many Movies

May 5, 2011


Spring is here, and as Brendan Fraser slowly emerges from his slumber, the sight of a fresh, dense growth of his movie-making hair tells us we can expect a lot of warm-weather activity from that cheery fellow. Deadline has news on just what a busy little guy he'll be, reporting that the star of Furry Vengeance will be shooting parts in three films this summer. Exciting!

First off, Fraser will wipe that fucking grin off his face and shoot Four Kings (one better than Three Kings, logic dictates), a sweeping historical drama from Damian Lee, the writer-director who concocted and executed the destructive mutant embryo plot that made 1990's Abraxas, Guardian of the Universe such a success. Fraser plays "Colonel Lord Francis Nicholson, a vastly wealthy Brit who self-finances the [French and Indian War] in the hope of creating a utopian society in what is now Canada." Sorry to spoil what the utopia ends up being.

Next, we'll be getting Fraser only in voice when he plays Scorch, one of several aliens attempting an escape from Area 51 in the animated film Escape From Planet Earth--a film that was announced over five years ago and is now at the root of a lawsuit that alleges Harvey Weinstein crawled around eating M&Ms off the floor--and he'll also squeeze in Ronald Krass's Gimme Shelter in June. And that's all after he finishes the hilarious fish pun comedy Whole Lotta Soul, currently shooting in Belfast In short, Summer 2011 is the Summer of Fraser. Soak it in.

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