Bradley Cooper Will Be Your Charming Action Lucifer

May 5, 2011


Ryan Reynolds' war of attrition has taken its toll, and a mopey Bradley Cooper seems to be sulking away from the arrogant-handsome-wiseass battlefield, headed for mopier landscapes more suited to his dejection. He's already got a remake of The Crow coming up to kick off his new, morbid life, and now he's close to doing a little more scowling as Lucifer himself. According to Variety, the actor is in early talks to play Old Scratch in an adaptation of Paradise Lost being directed by original Crow director Alex Proyas. How dark, Coops! Then again, Proyas' take is described as "an action vehicle that will include aerial warfare, possibly shot in 3D," so maybe not all that dark. Anyway, now that Cooper has shaken Ryan Reynolds off, expect a new contender to emerge once Paul Bettany gets wind some other blondie is horning in on his ridiculous theological-action business.

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