'Passion Play' Trailer: Megan Fox as X-Men, Burlesque Stripper, Seraph or Something Like That

April 11, 2011


When you've got Bill Murray and Mickey Rourke sharing scenes in your film, how can you go wrong? Add some Megan Fox acting, and trap some prosthetic angel wings on her, you say? Apparently so, because reviews for Mitch Glazer's Passion Play have not been kind, and despite its seemingly marketable cast, it's only getting a three-week window from theater to video disc. Shame that, because a high-profile movie with Megan Fox in angel wings could have really added another dimension to this year's sexy Halloween costume line-up.

Anyway, here's the trailer, so you can yourself decide if a Transformers 2 co-star sprouting feathers is really as ridiculous as people are saying, or if it's only slightly more over-the-top than Black Swan.


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