Marvel Hires 'Iron Man' Writer Outside of Noted Writer They Already Hired To Direct

April 1, 2011


It was really starting to seem like Marvel might have known what they were doing after the disappointing Iron Man 2. They hired exceptional action-comedy writer and Robert Downey Jr. collaborator Shane Black to direct the next one, and reportedly had him writing, as well! Makes sense, because, as noted, Black is an exceptional action-comedy writer! Good plan so far, Marvel! BUT: now they've apparently hired Runaways writer Drew Pearce to do it, and he's expected "to start from scratch and work closely with Black." Which, even with the "work closely" part, seems like sort of a waste when you've got Shane Black sitting around just picking out Mandarin rings or whatever.

Did they seriously hire this guy solely to give Iron Man 3 the modest visual flair of Kiss Kiss Bang Bang? Who knew Marvel was the kid who gets excited for school pizza day just to scrape the cheese off his slice and eat the tomato bread.

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