Jane Lynch, LD Probably in 'Three Stooges'

April 28, 2011


The Farrellys likely finally have their main Three Stooges cast sorted out, but with the addition of Chris Diamantopoulos as Moe, they're now left with only a three-to-one ratio of network sitcom supporting stars to non-network sitcom supporting stars. Thusly, they've now signed Glee's Jane Lynch to appear alongside Sean Hayes, Will Sasso, and Sofia Vergara. Lynch will play Mother Superior, the nun who takes in the Stooges when they're abandoned in front of her orphanage. She is going to be so comically frustrated with their being mentally ill!

Also in talks for a role: Larry David. Once rumored to be up for part of his Stooge namesake, LD's would-be casting is a mystery now that Will & Grace has the part. Aged Larry in a flash-forward? Larrydad making the orphanage drop-off? Unnatural presence that will make audiences ask in disbelief, "Wait, Larry David is in this shitcake?" Place your bets.

'Glee' star Jane Lynch and 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' star Larry David wooed for roles [EW]

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