'Green Lantern' WonderCon Trailer: Here's All the CGI We Were Promised

April 4, 2011


An extended look at Green Lantern screened at WonderCon this weekend, delighting nerds looking to see some of their favorite intergalactic comics characters rendered in relatively convincing CGI. Now, an abbreviated edit of that footage has come online and you too can see all the really cool and recognizable scenes that will break up the tedium of the love story, roommate scenes, and "this is toooo weird" wisecracks. Have at it:

I'm still finding it odd that they intentionally made the Green Lantern mask look like it's fan-photoshopped on. And it's also sort of off-putting that, in lieu of all-white eyes typically seen in the comics, they nervously went only halfway, so that he basically gets Garfield eyes. Still, though, considering how the current standard of non-Batman DC superheroes has been looking lately (this), not actually as corny as I would have expected. What's your thought?

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