Apr 6 2011Bollywood Made an Iron Man


In case India's answer to The Terminator wasn't enough for you--though, honestly, if a bunch of Indian Terminators merging into a massive drill/centipede/orb/etc. isn't enough for you, I don't know what the fuck you want--here's the film that's supposedly tackling the impossible task of topping that spectacle: Ra.One. In this teaser, you don't really get a sense of it coming even close to doing so, but you at least get a look at our hero, G.One (nope, not Ra.One), a crime fighter given superpowers thanks to his high-tech suit. Something of an Iron Man, if you will. Or, for younger readers, like The Governator.

I'll buy all of that. Except for how he just wears a pair of slacks. Couldn't afford the super-suit bottoms?

(More info at io9, via!)

Reader Comments

I think it's sad that Bollywood's CG looks better than ours somehow. And if you think I'm kidding, look at the new Pixar flick "Green Lantern."

I just can't wait till US film makers see it and want to make an American version... oh... wait. Its not quirky or british... damn.

I'm fairly certain the block at :05 was used in Enthiran, too!

I just can't be entertained by people who don't look like me.

whoever gave india special effects needs to be given an award.

why are they using a porn production company's website?

That was awesome!! I think he's going to beat Krish & Shaktiman too... What say? I also found a website called http://www.Desimartini.com which has got everything related to this upcoming flick Ra One. Be it Trailers, Photos, Production Stills, Videos, Synopsis etc...

This looks better than thor...and the last HULK...

I think that's a little more original than an Iron Man knockoff...he's not wearing armor, it appears he's more cyborg.

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