Apr 7 2011'Anonymous' Trailer: DUDE, What If Shakespeare Didn't Write Shakespeare?!


In Anonymous, the English-lit-major-mind-shattering conspiracy theory that William Shakespeare didn't actually write the stuff in your Complete Works of William Shakespeare is treated as plausible enough a claim to merit being explored as fact for a couple hours. So who better to present such a ridiculously contentious tale than Roland Emmerich, director of the Official Most Scientifically Absurd Film Ever? Clearly no one, nodded Rolan Emmerich, but only on the condition he still gets to somehow work a $80 million CGI budget into this seemingly-mundane historical fiction conceit. Agreed, said Sony Pictures, apparently:

At 0:49... that's Christopher Guest as Count Rugen, right? And am I nuts or are some of these shots of people flooding the streets just shots from 2012 with the CGI water replaced by CGI peasants? And I guess that pay-what-you-want model isn't working out so hot for Radiohead after all? Still, in the end, the merits will, as always, be judged by whether or not Discovery Channel feels the need to explore this hypothesis in an hour-long special, Shakespeare: Bard or Fraud?

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Video removed by the user? Damn that trailer was epic!

Thank God! At first I was worried this might be a film about those 12 yr old wannabe hackers on 4chan.

I like the theory and I shall scour the internet for this trailer!!!

We just went over this in class in Texas. We had some famous lady come to class and talk to us. Part of some org to get this information out... Looks like it worked...

The whole argument is based on a class-snob bullshit line because rich people all think only other rich people could possibly be talented. So they convince retards who buy into shit like being 'Truthers' that they'll turn 'em on to the truth, man: only rich people could possibly do good things.

Everyone who says Shakespeare wasn't real and didn't write his shit is a fuckwad who deserves to be kicked in the nuts so hard their kids are born as retarded as they are.

If you haven't read wikipedia's Shakespeare authorship question article you haven't been online.
the anti-stratfordians will be so pleased with this!
i don't think emmerich is the best choice for a period thriller though.

the people in the image look like have no body!

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