Mar 29 2011'The Hangover, Part II' Poster Continues Themes of Regrettable Head Modifications, Utter Despair


Still no indications of forgotten misfortune beyond the already-known head shaving, Tyson tattoo, and acquisition of a monkey familiar, but here's reaffirmation of those elements in the form of the first poster for the Hangover sequel.

You know, as much as I and the rest of Bloggoworld complain about franchises being stretched well beyond their natural sequel potential (Saw being the gentleman that most readily takes a prideful bow at that description), this is one series I would kind of like to see drawn out over the next twenty years, with a complex, compounding narrative building upon itself and, like the Leprechaun and Friday the 13th series, eventually ending up in space.

"Waiiit... why is Ed Helms a werewolf, and Zach Galifianakis composed of only a paint-smeared torso?"

"Did you not see Part VI?"

Reader Comments

What does "HANG (THE) VER" mean? Damn graphic designers. "Oh yes, we're so trendy because we push the limits of what's even readable!"

Anyway, great poster. Really makes me want to experience all the aching depression on display in the image.

I swaer the first film was not that funny, not. at. all.

Is it bad that I can't tell who the guy on the floor is?


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Believe you will love it.

We accept any form of payment.'s gotta be awesome, right? I mean, they moved the whole gang to Thailand. Isn't that how all the best sequels happen? Move the characters to a foreign location and hilarity ensues. Right? Right?! Right.

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