Mar 14 2011'Super 8' Poster Very Proud of Abrams/Spielberg Pedigree


It makes my neck hurt to look at it right :(

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i would think that spileberg should have gotten top billing.

The day Steven Spielberg gets bottom billing under JJ Abrams.... *headdesk*

I turned my monitor on it's side. It's still garbage.

Make that 'its' side. J.J. Abrams messed with my grammar.

Is this a movie about a Motel?

I spotted the artificial and superfluous lens flare!

@ Paul--

"We'll leave the light on for ya."

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spielberg's name is way to big

Abrams continues his ridiculous campaign to convince audiences that seeing lens flares every/anywhere is not ridiculous.

Note to Abrams: I love ya, bro, but the lense flares are gettin old.

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