Mar 31 2011Posters: 'Everything Must Go', 'Hesher', Some Mermaids


It's no Anchorman 2, but Will Ferrell will at least reprise his role as a reckless drinker in something, and here's the poster for that. Yay! In the dramedy Everything Must Go, he plays a relapsed alcoholic who, fired and kicked out of his house, holds a yard sale to sell all his belongings. One man's retreat into dependency is another man's chance for a nice deal on a coffee grinder, so he can finally start getting the whole beans. I guess.

Anyway, here are some more posters, too:


'Hesher' Poster [Yahoo]


Reader Comments


Ooh, possible respectable Will Ferrell role.

Did you not see Stranger Than Fiction? I have a feeling it'll be along the lines of that.

I'm so glad Will Ferrell is easing back a bit. I really like him but for a while there he was getting over saturated.

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