Mar 30 2011New 'Green Lantern' Poster Wants You To Know How Many Hours Ryan Reynolds Put on the Stepper


This must be the bump in Green Lantern marketing Jeff Robinov was promising. Scattered amongst the posters for the various carbohydrates salted by Pepsico, SuperheroHype found this new poster for the superhero film on the floor of CinemaCon. Hopefully Warner will soon release a higher quality version, and maybe a version that's mirrored, so that we can line up the two and spot the vase in the ass negative space.

Reader Comments

At least Ryan Reynolds has a place to set his drink now.

mmm reynolds tushie

looks very disneyish

That's one boring-ass poster.

Also, a very boring, ass poster.

That's pretty hot!!!

Fuck Ryan Reynolds, that bullshit Chevy Chase wannabe.

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