Never Mind Joseph Gordon-Levitt Being Falcone, and More...

March 21, 2011


- Just when we were warming up to Joseph Gordon-Levitt playing Alberto Falcone, already Entertainment Weekly has a report countering that claim, saying Variety's story is outright incorrect. Egghead, then?

- Kung Fu Panda isn't the only animated family film with legal problems. A UK screenwriter is now seeking an injunction to stop Cars 2's release because, he claims, he already pitched the idea of a talking car movie involving "broken down truck characters, doctors as authority figures, glitzy showgirl movie star females, Italians, rich business cars past their prime, and so on." So think twice before making a movie about talking, Italian cars or talking, authoritative doctor cars.

- Dennis Quaid has joined Playing the Field, that romantic-comedy in which Gerard Butler tries to win back his ex-wife and son through soccer coaching. Good news for anyone who hoped the actor would make more films of the same caliber as that movie that was basically The Brady Bunch with Dennis Quaid and more kids. (via)

- Following in the paths of fellow soon-to-be-witches Famke Janssen, Julia Roberts and Charlize Theron, Julianne Moore will play a witch named Mother Malkin opposite Jeff Bridges in The Seventh Son. I guess aging actresses finally found a part they don't need plastic surgery for! OHHHHHHHHHH!!!

- Judd Apatow is producing Do Gooders, a still-to-be-written script from King of the Hill writers Alex Gregory and Peter Huyck. No plot details have been revealed, but if it's another film about losers trying to be superheroes in the real world, I'm gonna spit.

- Doug Liman is working on a film about "Morris Abraham 'Two Gun' Cohen (1887–1970), a London-born WWI veteran who moved to China in 1922 and took a job training Sun Yat-sen’s army in boxing and shooting, despite his inability to speak Chinese." Phew, less subtitles!

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