'Larry Crowne' Trailer: So Much Money Spent on Plain Ol' Vanilla Ice Cream

March 16, 2011


If Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts had a Tuesday night series on NBC, and you bought the second season of it on DVD, what would the season one recap look like? Here's the answer: the trailer for Larry Crowne, Tom Hanks's sophomore feature-length directorial effort that sees the actor-cum-director in his classic affable naïveté mode, playing an enthusiastic all-star retail worker somehow fired for not going to college. Not one to let job loss get him down, Hanks--our eponymous hero--gets a moped from Cedric the Entertainer, enrolls in community college, and sets about fucking his teacher, Julia Roberts. It's uplifting, I guess.

I hope I'm not the only one who assumed he was playing part-I Am Sam for the first third of this.

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