Mar 29 2011'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part II' Poster: Classic Wand Flip-Off


Promising an end to the series and a face-off of Dickensian filthy faces, here's the poster for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part II. If you've been following the series up to now, might as well finish it off and see how this noseless sourpuss gets his. Or read the book. Whichever.

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Man that is an awful poster. Can't they just use the burning Hogwarts one again? That was dope.

I have not see a single one of these movies. Not one.

it all ends at 7.15?

am or pm?

AM OR PM?!!!!!


You have missed out much of your life.

I don't think I like Lord Voldamort in this pic. Something about it looks a bit silly and un-intimidating.

And how can the dark lord be in his 70's when we know that he and Hagrid went to Hogwarts about the same time- call me ignorant but I need someone to fill me in.

Burning castle would have been way more epic.
@1, where was that poster?

Whoa, too close!! Dang. Also, is it just me, or are they noooott quiiiiite looking at each other?

Voldemort isn't even looking at Harry. He's looking too high. Plus he looks silly, not threatening. But Harry looks good.

@ Bluto

"I don't think I like Lord Voldamort in this pic. Something about it looks a bit silly and un-intimidating."

There's something unintimidating about the Neimoidians?

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@4: Here:

Voldemort's three years older than Hagrid, who was 13 years old 50 years before HP2. So in HP7, Hagrid's 68, and Voldemort's 71. Hagrid is played by Robbie Coltrane, who's 61. So really, the ages are pretty spot-on.

@7: Reportedly, they can't drive well and have little penises.

all of these movies were sooooo.....lukewarm.

The basic gist of all movies is this:

Harry constantly looks like he's holding in a giant turd that he needs to get rid of.
There is a huge threat to the world of magic, but somehow all the good adult magicians and teachers seem superfluous to the idea of actually getting some sort of swat team to fuck shit up....instead, its all blissfully left to Harry and his two sidekicks who cant seem to construct any sentence whatsoever without mentioning his name at least once.


shíts lame.


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Harry VS Paul
Big Shot Wizard VS Slacker Alien
Silly Serious VS Seriously Silly

Not surprisingly, it focuses entirely on the fact that wizard wonder Harry and slimy nemesis Voldemort are going face to nose less face for the very last time - in what we’re expecting will be the battle to end all magical battles.

If you look at the small pic on the right side of the screen (the 8 So Freaking Cool), the cropped movie poster looks like Harry is staring at an erect penis (the head begins at HWMNBN's eyebrow).

Harry Dies

@ #3....thats the date. 7 = July,

@17 No way. Has to be the time. Still: AM or PM?

i just realized voldemort looks like a very aged marilyn manson in this XD

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