Garner Not Old Lady Detective Yet, 'Monsters University' It Is, Cyclops Playing Manson, and More

March 30, 2011

- Agatha Christie rights holders claim the deal for Jennifer Garner to play a 38-year-old version of elderly detective Miss Marple isn't yet closed, though Deadline's investigation was unable to determine exactly what's going on with the project. Sounds like a case for Ben Affleck's wife.

- Disney-Pixar's Monster's Inc. prequel is officially titled Monsters University, assuming an '80s B-movie didn't already call dibs on that.

- Ridley Scott wants to tell the Lawrence of Arabia-like story of Gertrude Bell and has hired The Constant Gardener writer Jeffrey Caine to put together a script to direct. After he tells the equally important story of Monopoly, presumably.

- Adam Davenport's story of the murder "I Fought The Law" singer Bobby Fuller, Dead Circus, has attached Melissa Leo, Michael C. Hall, and James Marsden to its cast, with the star of Hop playing Charles Manson. Good luck topping Bob Odenkirk's performance.

- And in mobster news: Sean Penn and Ryan Gosling have been offered the parts of mobster Mickey Cohen and a cop trying to bring him down, respectively, in Ruben Fleischer's Gangster Squad. Meanwhile, John Travolta is playing John Gotti, as was rumored. The Dogfather is finally on Netflix instant watch, too.

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