Mar 18 2011First Look at Adrianne Palicki in NBC's 'Wonder Woman' Getup


Says Entertainment Weekly, "NBC promises the project, if picked up to series, will offer a serious, non-campy take on the DC Comics character."


(Thanks, Josh.)

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How, exactly, do you make a non-campy version of Wonder Woman?

... hence the serious, non-campy Wonder Woman outfit. I can tell they mean business!

I now know what costume my wife will be wearing for halloween!


It looks like she is packing a teeny-tiny wiener. I looked at her crotch hoping to find some camel toe but was surprised by what looks like a little asian cock.

That looks like the shittiest Halloween costume ever. Fuck that. Fuck it all the way back to the shit fuck store where you bought that shitty fucking costume. Jesus.


On that note... I WONDER what the invisible jet will look like - LOL

gap between the breasts is huge. I find it unattractive.


OK, geekboys. She looks very hot. Any WW costume, by design, would look bad.

That looks like a goofy pvc Halloween costume...

I've been spoiled by Linda Carter dressed as WonderWoman. Not only did she look just like the character, but her outfit was better.

This actress is mildly attractive, but she's no Linda Carter. What makes this worse is that they changed the costume from the standard one worn by WonderWoman to this one. No tiara which can be used as a boomerang (just an adhesive headband) and she's wearing PANTS. What the heck?!

I'll probably watch the pilot episode when it aires. But if this outfit is any indication of how the plot is going to be I'll probably be wasting my time.

No need to wonder, it's in the background.

BTW, can she sit in that? Or move?

Wow that costume is pretty pathetic. looks like a cheapo made in china costume you'd find at party city.

wheres megan fox when you need least she would wear bikini bottoms.

Shiny does NOT make modern. The actress is too baby-faced, the costume is ridiculous, and this chick will never be able to one-up Linda Carter. I can't believe their trying to cash in on WW by peddling this pedantic, poorly designed trash to us. This will be an Epic Fail and it isn't even made yet.

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That sure is some nice yellow-painted, injection molded plastic and slightly crooked red stars right thar. Also, it's good that she carries around a spare length of tinsel, in case she encounters any woefully under-decorated Christmas trees. And where did her star-spangled loins go? As far as casting, Carla Gugino was robbed (or, alternately, she smelled a stinker).

It looks like something that walked out of a porn movie. Seriously, if somebody had tole me this was from a Wonder Woman rip-off porn movie, I would have totally believed them.

I thought that if anyone were to redo WW, they would have modernized her some and made her more realistic (which seems to be the trend lately). Something for mothers to approve of and little girls to aspire to.

lol, this does look ridiculous, but I still have hope because David E. Kelley is creating although his latest "Harry's Law" kinda sucks. Hm indeed.

I read the script for the pilot a while back. It's truly terrible. I just hope they take ot the "fat wonder woman doll" joke and ice-cream eating scenes.

Brace yourself for facepalm.

She does look hot. Can someone point to a female superhero on TV or film that is the main character and being taken truly seriously? Birds of Prey had a great story and semi-decent acting, but still was looked at "why can't they be wearing the hot outfits all the time" by the guys. Fantastic Four? How many people watched just for Jessica Alba (I hope you all say "noone")? Did anyone watch X-Men just for Rebecca Romijn in tight blue scales? And Linda Carter not being babyfaced? Did anyone see the pilot? Her face was a baby's face compared with the lady above.

Charmed, the one success, lasted 8 years and occasionally wore the hot outfits, but succeeded wildly due to the story relating directly as 3 sisters (then 4) bonding together over magic, not fighting crime as the only storyline.

While I am hoping that the script was a fake, I do look forward to this like follows: As a writer known for strong female characters trying his hand as the writer of probably the strongest female superhero out there. I will watch this with hope and optimism at the fine casting and decent background of the creative team. Diana McBeal, here we come!


A MATCHING costume would be a GOOD start...

Was the PTA Mom who made the Costume for NBC Color-Blind?

Silver; Bracelets
Yellow-gold? Plastic-ish; Headband, Belt, and W on Boots.
Gold-ish (different than above); Stars on sides of legs and Boot Stripes
Yet another NON METAL Gold; Lasso
Red; Stars
A different Red; Bustier
Yet another Different Red; Lipstick
Blue; Pants/Leggings
A Different Blue; Boots


i think her costume is closer to wonder girl's

I know a lotttt of diehard DC guys who are probably nerd ragin' right now.
Halloween reference is accurate. The design itself is a'ight, but shiny spandex? seriously?

@ rex

I blame the photography versus film/HD video tests for this mismatch. However, from what I can see and match in Photoshop, there are color matches between the lipstick, headband red, and bustier red as well as the boots and pants. Like, exact matches in Photoshop. So, you may not want to jump to a random conclusion without checking first.

The HD video color gamuts these people are using will most likely minimize, if not align, the differences you may be seeing anyway. So by the time it hits the show, I doubt you'll notice the color differences.



Yes, in the photo, the whole costume clashes to the naked eye.

Someone such as yourself (or me) that has the Adobe suite could easily fix the image/photo, but live action, we shall see...

Do colors stay the same when they are made of different materials? lol

I do like how the Inviso-Jet looks in the background...

In the words of a great sage:

"Now calm down, Ned-dily-diddly-diddly-diddly... they did their best, shoddily-iddly-iddly-diddly... gotta be *nice*, hostily-iddly-diddly-iddly--Ah hell diddly-ding-dong-crap!! Can't you morons do anything right?!"

To quote Charles Barkley, Turrible.

jeans would have been better than shiny pants.

looks like she might have a nice underbite aswell. or she grits her teeth when nervous.

Two words

Gina Carano

If that is wonder, I dont want to see a normal anymore...

Yea, Im a huge massive DC nerd and Im not excited. A non-campy version? Get over yourself. (If it does get off the ground, it better be canon as hell.)

I could of sworn Wonder Woman was wearing a skirt... And GOD she is FUGLY with the fake tits.

The Actress I'm OK with, the boobs are horrible, and the costume makes me cry.

I needed to see this: to fall in love again.

Bump for Katy Perry instead

Dang, Syd. THAT costume kicks ass, and makes me totally believe she could kick mine. This one has me thrown out of the story already.

I actually like that she is wearing pants... its new and modern... and a tad less sexist. That armor sucks though. Looks like plastic armor from the halloween store... she needs real metal armor and a real tiara... and a real looking lasso.. not some cheap looking piece of cord.

There is an awkward boxy area between the top of her legs and her waist.

Damn...fake boobies and no muscular shoulders. :( The pants are a cool twist...but.....bummer. Disappointed. Hair isn't black & sexy enough either.

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That makeup makes her look like a wonder ho instead of wonder woman... also that costume a horrible, those pants look like the minute she has to perform an act that requires actual movement they are gonna split down the middle

seems that most of them complained over the clothing after all
maybe the producer should consider to put her clothes of
they'll stop complaining but imagining something LOL

when peoples are imagining they tend to stop talking or even thinking LOL



she doesnt have the snart look that the old wonder woman used to have.

megan fox or katy perry would do so much better

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