David Fincher Could Make That Expensive, Angelina Jolie-Starring 'Cleopatra'

March 22, 2011


The ridiculously expensive 3-D Cleopatra biopic James Cameron planned on making with Angelina Jolie--until Fox convinced him to just keep pushing out those Avatars, that is--may now be finding its way into the hands of David Fincher. According to Deadline, Sony and producer Scott Rudin are talking to the Social Network director about taking over the long in-development project--and maybe not even making it in 3-D, as crazy as that sounds.

Fincher, however, is still supposed to direct The Millennium Trilogy (of which he's finishing up the first chapter), 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, and a movie about chess whiz Bobby Fischer, so it's not really clear when he'll have time to dress Angelina Jolie up in robes and a light coating of bronzer. Still, in the interest of how many moneys and movie trophies this would probably end up getting, apparently the deal is "more likely than not to happen" and Fincher will end up directing what's Deadline's Mike Fleming is calling "the first telling of the Cleopatra story from a woman's perspective." This one's for the ladies, y'all! And for the men, there's always Cleopatra 2525. While not a historical biopic in the strictest sense of the word, it does have a breast-augmentation-based origin story, so that's something.

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