We're Getting Stephen King's 'The Stand' Movie(s)

February 1, 2011


With NBC-Universal preparing their Ron Howard-directed, possibly-Javier Bardem-starring adaptation of The Dark Tower, CBS has decided this would be a good time to get to making a big screen adaptation of Stephen King's other huge, post-apocalyptic epic, The Stand. The studio is teaming up with Warner Bros. for the production, and will soon begin meeting with writers and directors to sort out: their take on the material, if it requires multiple films (almost definitely), if Rob Lowe should be reprising his role/hair from the ABC miniseries (yes), etc.

For those uninitiated, the story, told in three parts, involves two rival factions--essentially a "good" versus "evil," if you will--in a United States that's been nearly wiped out following a superflu pandemic; eventually, a Stand is taken. George Romero and Warner Bros. each tried to develop the story into a film in the '80s to no avail, and instead the book found its way into the aforementioned, too-much-Gary Sinise '90s miniseries. CBS has held the rights for some time, but only now--following the releases of CBS Films like Extraordinary Measures, The Back-Up Plan, and The Mechanic--has the studio had the kind of "fuck it, let's make whatever" bravado to attempt such a huge undertaking. Let's just hope this doesn't interfere with their earlier plans to make a sequel to Freaky Friday: Freaky Monday.

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