We're Finally Re-Making 'Logan's Run', with Ryan Gosling

February 11, 2011

Warner Bros. has been talking about remaking Logan's Run since the mid-'90s, passing the project from Joel Silver, to Bryan Singer (who, for years, did a great job fooling all of us into thinking he was actually doing it), to, most recently, director Joseph Kosinski. Kosinski instead decided to do a different update of an outdated sci-fi film, adding more neons to Tron, but Warner still seems intent on pretending they're going to get Logan's Run: New Type going. According to Deadline, the studio is finishing up a deal to put Ryan Gosling in Michael York's old role, having already given the director's chair to Gosling's recent Drive director, Nicolas Winding Refn. And just to show they're serious, a fall shooting date has already been set. Apparently Andrew Niccol making a pretty similar future-age film finally spurred these guys to get on with it. Just in time, too. I'm nearly 30! Which, as you know if you've seen the 1976 Logan's Run adaptation, means I'm really close to not even giving a shit about this anymore.

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